Thursday, January 24, 2008

IYOR 2008: Changi Walk for Homeschool Families

20 Jan 2008, 5-7pm, lowest tide 0.2m

Dearest friends,

may I share with you our joy! We had a terrific time together at the Changi Beach marvelling at the incredibly-diverse marine life found in the intertidal zone.

We found sea hares, seastars, sand dollars, sea cucumbers, sea urchins' tests, cuttlefish 'bones', jellyfishes, sea snails, hermit crabs, flower crabs, elbow crabs, barnacles, fireworms, tubeworms, feather worms, free-swimming anemones, peacock anemones, horseshoe crabs, seaweeds and seagrasses, sponges, gorgeous button shells, etc.... etc.... and oh... a few funny-looking drifts too. [ha ha!]

There were as many as four White-bellied sea-eagles and one Brahminy Kite hovering high above our heads at one point!

I had my hands full in the show-and-tell session, and so, had no spare time to take pictures myself. Luckily, my fellow volunteers - Ria and July - took quite a few happy snapshots of our little outing! [Thanks Ria, July, and of course, not forgeting November! Thank you, November and everyone... for the beautiful memories!]
See other photos / write-up at: WILDFILMS and NIE GREEN CLUB blogs!
This is our first humble outing to our beautiful shores in celebration of our marine life for IYOR 2008! [IYOR 2008 - stands for International Year of the Reefs (2008)]
Joe Lai
[Photo credit (above): taken by July]

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