Monday, January 28, 2008

Heartfelt Comments for Young Writers and Bloggers

29 Jan 2008
Dearest young writers and bloggers,

I am looking through your new blogs one by one. It makes me very happy to see how well you write and how much you enjoyed our little shore walk in Changi, as well as, learning how to blog! : ) I have posted the following 6 comments - one each for Vere, Vera, Ezekiel, Juni, Flipper and Zack (aka Kidshark!).

As for the rest of you, be patient; I am definitely going to read your blogs one by one and tell you how much I enjoy your writing and give you a tip or two, ok?

Dear parents, see how well the homeschoolers are writing! Be proud! You have done a good job raising them! Go visit their blog [by click on their name below] and give them some encouraging words too! I'll be making permanent links to their blogs in my flying fish friends blog. We will fly together... to greater heights!

Joe Lai : )

Comments for Vere:
hermit crab is a good 're-cycler'. You know why? It does not build its own home, but go around looking for an empty shell to shift into once the shell it is using is too small for its body. It does not bother itself too much about having 'new things' as long as it is a comfortable home. I like a saying that goes - 'A house is not a home'. You know why? A house is just a house. What makes it a home is the people living in it and fill it will love and warmth. It is then a true home, otherwise, a house is just a hollow shell. You see, when we go into wild places - feel the wind, hear the waves, see animals roaming free in their natural home - we not only learn sciences but also about ourselves by staying in touch with our good feelings. It's really wonderful... seeing 'beyond' the hermit crab... and muse! Hee hee! Keep writing and keep smiling! : )
January 28, 2008 8:06 PM

Comments for Vera:
Wow! Thanks for teaching me about the surgeon fish. I have not seen one before. This is because I do not snorkel except once many years ago when I visited Tioman with friends. I can still remember my experience - some 20 years ago, I think! Oops... I am an old man now! How time flies in a wink of the eye. Ha ha! : ) I am glad you are enjoying outdoor adventures with your family. I hope you will write about your coming trip to the sea and share with me and other bloggers your experience. Till then... keep writing and keep smiling! I find you a very good writer indeed.
28 January 2008 07:53

Comments for Ezekiel:
Wow! Wonderful! You have just featured three different marine animals which belong to the same family. In another word, they are related - like 'relatives'! Ha ha!The one that looks like an octopus is called a brittle star. It has long slender arms and a very flat body, and can easily squeeze itself into any cracks or holes in rocks or even corals and sponges. It is hard to imagine how a sea cucumber can be related to the seastar eventhough it is not star-shaped. Why don't you find out more information about the sea cucumber (and the sand dollar too) in your neighbourhood library? Can you do that for me? Keep writing and keep smiling! : )
January 28, 2008 7:39 PM

Comments for Juni:
Wow! It is good you see an animal like the mooncrab burrowing in the sand. You definitely cannot get this kind of experience in a book. You see how fieldwork is so important? You get to find things for yourself and see the 'real stuff'! It is also fun too, especially when you explore nature with your family. For your information, seastar, sea cucumbers, marine worms, solefishes, stingrays - all these, and many more, like to burrow in the sand! ha ha! Keep writing and keep smiling!
January 28, 2008 7:26 PM

Comments for Flipper:
Oh yes, we have to be very careful putting different kinds of creatures in the same viewing container. The poor things... they may attack each other. However, I think it is a valuable experience for you so that you can avoid doing the same thing again the next time. But most important of all, you wrote and shared your experience with others. Wow! By sharing your experience with others, you are also teaching others about the correct way of handling animals. Isn't that great? : ) I am so proud of you! Keep writing and keep smiling!
January 28, 2008 8:16 AM

Comments for Zack aka Kidshark:
Hi Kidshark! : ) I am so proud of your effort. Now that you have written your first blog, can you see how easy it is for you to write a few precious words about nature and inspire people to take care of the environment, esp. our sweet sweet sea! Keep on writing and keep on smiling! I am looking forward to bring you and your family for another shore walk in Singapore soon. : )
January 28, 2008 11:53 PM

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