Thursday, June 20, 2024

Born Free

 Born Free

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Rubbish Dump Dump


Rubbish Dump Dump (silly song)

Throwing rubbish

Can be fun

Proclaimed Mother 

To her son

Use this plastic

Not any one

In Yatta's name

We'll get it done!

O, mother!

Cried the son

Why O why

So troublesome

Why this plastic bag?

Tis' Special One?

Can't we use

Any One?

Don't dare ask

You my son

It is eight

Time has come!

Quick, the gate's open

you'd better run

Passed nine

You'll be done!

- I tell you

You'll Be Done!

Dear O dear

Thought the son

Talk too much

No bento lunch :(

That won't do

I'll be done!

Hi! Hi! Mummy-san

Your wish's My command!

Off I run

To the rubbish dump!


Throwing rubbish

Can be fun

Sing this song

To our young

Tis' our song

Rubbish Dump Dump

In the Land

Of the Rising Sun

- Joseph Lai 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024




On today's

Rose-tinted petals

Of yesterday's


Upon thy futon

I offer you


My dear Sakura

For I can create dreams

Of tomorrow and

Stardust forever

But only here


My love is real

Fluffy-pink and bright

My heart for Sakura

Thank you


So freely you give 

of your blossoms

So too can I give

Of you today

And ring my suzu

At thy shrine

- Joseph Lai