Tuesday, December 24, 2019

When Rain Meet Wind

There is a kind of abandonment
how you come meet the earth
and sparkle for just that little whilst
before glistening a teardrop farewell
down a quivering grass blade.

Still you remain till like a memory
stirred by a gentle wind
you rose invisible and
in shades of white
set the clouds in the brilliant sky.

Graced with fleeting lightness
you skip hither and tither
a young heart just born of gladness
only too clear that he the wind
is near.

He is there seen but unseen;
existed because you existed.
He guides the way you toss and heave
hand in hand paints white on blue
of imaginations wild and free.

When rain and wind meet
there’s sweetness in the air;
they are happy just being.
Though the grass may quiver once more
the days for skyward rendezvous are everlasting.

- Joseph Lai

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