Monday, August 17, 2020

Invertebrates of Singapore Rain Forest

The invertebrates came before us and made the world as it is today. They surround us everywhere and outnumber us exponentially beyond comprehension. On land and in the sea, they will still be around when human race vanquish. Below are just some examples of invertebrates living in our rain forest, for example MacRitchie. Our failure to recognize their ecological services extended to us via the dynamism of a healthy intact rain forest for which they are in part responsible will certainly lead us to our ruin.

Red-hearted Beetles

Trilobite - Nature's Peter Pan - young forever!

Ant-mimicking Spider

Cyana - an Arctiine moth pupa - Nature's first conservatory!


Round pink millipede

Giant flat millipede

Long-necked longhorn beetle

Atopos - a carnivorous slug

See my Youtube video: Forget Not Our Living Rain Forest

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