Saturday, January 26, 2008

Homeschoolers Celebrated LIFE in IYOR 2008

The Leafmonkey Blogging Workshop (25 Jan 2008)

[More photos at: IYOR08Singapore & NIE Green Club & The Leafmonkey Worshop blogs.]

Dearest friends,

one word - just one word - can sweetly describe last night's blogging session, and that is: CELEBRATION!

Yes, looking on as I did at the happy faces lit up by smiles and laughters that shone through their lively mini-discussions and parent-child communions, I cannot help rejoicing at the purity of human endeavours such as this which embraces the loving heart, the learning mind and the living being. Above the mundancy of everyday life - which so engrosses us at most times - we find ourselves elevated up a plain (with friends & strangers) to find ourselves unified and soaring to the heavens. We became universal brothers and sisters all at once.

So we celebrated... we celebrated parenthood, we celebrated children, we celebrated children's potential, we celebrated writing, we celebrated Nature... our shores and marine life, we celebrated friendship, we celebrated volunteerism... all these unified in our common celebration of the International Year of the Reefs. But above all, we celebrated LIFE together!

May I thank everyone for making these workshop so wonderfully embracing. It is you - people - parents and children - who made our work as nature volunteers so much more meaningful and sanguine. We thank you. I have no doubt I speak for all my nature-volunteer friends that our dedication to our work lies in no other place that in the children and the future before them.

In this and everything, we share with you - as well as to inspire your children with - our joie d' vivre and raison d' etre!

Let us all look forward to more shore walks together in Singapore this IYOR 2008! YAY!!!

Joe Lai : )
26 Jan 2008

ps: thanks a million, Carissa! Thanks for the fine food you brought for us that night!! : )

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