Sunday, March 2, 2008

Introducing BBC Radio Programme - Heart & Soul

Dearest friends,

May I introduce to you a fabulously enriching radio programme from

BBC World Service - Heart & Soul

I hope you will find it a great learning tool, especially for teens. I am using it for my son Lai Min.


Joe Lai

Synopsis (by BBC):

" My son was dead, but six Israelis now have a part of a Palestinian in them, and maybe he is still alive in them. "
The words of the Palestinian father Ismail Khatib who donated his son Ahmed's organs to Israelis after the 12 year old was accidentally shot dead by Israeli soldiers in 2005.
In an award-winning programme first broadcast last year, Heart and Soul explores what happens to a person's spirit when their organs are donated after their death ... Vera Frankl hears the remarkable story of the Khatibs, and also that of the family of Yoni Jesner. He was a young Jewish student who was murdered in the bombing of a Tel-Aviv bus, and whose kidney went to save the life of a Palestinian girl.
Yoni Jesner and Ahmed Khatib, two vicitims of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict who ended up giving life to people who are traditionally their enemies ...


Hema Bharadwaj said...

Thanks for this link Joe! best, hema

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your dedication ... it's heartfelt.
Eileen Nathan