Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am a Dugong-Ambassador (Part 1)

Dear friends,

I will be coming up with the outreach material for the kids to become Dugong-Ambassador on May Day in Chek Jawa. This is something unique the kids will be doing besides mural painting. Don't worry, I will keep the outreach protocol simple. More will be explained as we move along.

As a start, let us get familiar with Dugongs! Here is a very nice video showing how a dugong feed, swim and breathe. Let us admire a beautiful photo of a dugong in National Geographic! It provides a simple account of the natural history of the dugongs and a world map showing where they can be found. Do examine the map closely. It is actually a good opportunity to use an atlas to find such places as the Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, Andaman Islands, etc.

Have fun learning with your kids!

Uncle Joe : )

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