Monday, March 31, 2008

Intel Involved: Pulau Ubin Beach Cleanup

Story by Peggy Khoo, Singapore Intel Involved coordinator [captions by Joseph Lai]

[photo above: Tim Bailey planting a tree of hope for the environment.]

On the afternoon of 27 March, 43 Intel employees spent a very meaningful afternoon on Pulau Ubin, an island off Singapore. They represented two teams who volunteered their time to clean the beach at Chek Jawa and Sungei Jelutong, by “converting” their traditional team building activity into one that is primarily focused on community service. Not only did they learnt about how rubbish like plastic bags, straws, foams and batteries can pollute the sea, prematurely killing the sea creature and indirectly affecting the human’s well being through the food chain, they also realized that no matter how small the effort they may contribute, it does make a difference to the environment.

[photo above: a sea-change from corporate executives to rubbish collectors and caregivers of the environment!]

Tim Bailey led his PPMG team to plant a nutmeg tree at House No 1, Chek Jawa, symbolizing their love and care for the environment, then subsequently picked and collected rubbish along Chek Jawa. They finally closed their day activity by identifying the winning team for their interesting “rubbish” game. The other team was led by Lee Buan Seng and Satish Kumar. This team cleaned up Sungei Jelutong under the supervision of our N-Park ranger and they learnt that not all rubbish are actually rubbish. For example anything “organic’ should be left behind as it will naturally biodegrade into the environment. Finally, after spending their time under the rain, sprawling the beach, they proudly presented almost 8 large bags of rubbish they collected for the day. The team then spent the remaining evening having a team dinner at the Season’s seafood restaurant on Ubin, before they headed back to Singapore.

[photo above: bagging a first prize for 'talking rubbish' - telling a most interesting tall tale about how an aircon panel ended up on ubin's shore!]

Singapore Intel Involved team would to commend Tim Bailey, Lee Buan Seng and Satish Kumar for their leadership and role-modeling, in leading their teams to think and act for the community!!
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