Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Sorrier Sight We Are Than Death Stars

Orchard, Singapore, 26 May 2008

A Sorrier Sight We Are than Death Stars

I took a walk in Cathay
A picture house they called today
Didn't take me long to get away
From a horror house of decay...

What can I say?

Geity gay
Mindless play
Forever stay
Our spirit sold for a price to pay...

And lose sight of stars in Milky Way.

- Joseph Lai

I came across this sickening sight in an interior deco shop inside Cathay on 26 May 2008.


weiz said...

Forgive my ignorance. But what are those star-like flowers?

Ivan said...

weiz: Those are actually the dried bodies of starfish!

weiz said...

Really? Wow.... thanks for explaining. I don't suppose they picked up the dead ones on the beach, but actually had to kill them to make those "flowers"...