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You Can Help Gabriel Save a Tree

Appeal to Save a Mango Tree, Simpang Bedok, 23 May 2008

The backyard of this row of terrace houses is baking hot. It is also the carpark of Bedok Shopping Complex run by Kenwood Property Consultants Pte Ltd on behalf of property owner Far East Organisation.

Look closer and see what Angie and I encountered when we visited Gabriel on Wednesday 21st of May. Gabriel is the man behind the appeal to save another tree - a mango tree - near his shop. He and other concerned residents and tenants want to save this tree from ending up like this ill-fated tree.

Yes, the contractor of Kenwood Property was disposing the stump of a recently felled tree! (photo of stump below taken on 19 May 2008)

The bobcat was shredding the stump to bits! What a sad end to a healthy shade-providing tree of 240cm girth size. Without it the carpark looks and feels like a sizzling desert of tarmac! It was destroyed for the sake of reclaiming one parking lot which the tree had invaded! Yes! For one parking lot - one income-earning parking lot - one magnificent tree was sacrificed!!

Now, do you know why the temperature is going up and up? Don't just blame the slashing and burning of plantations and deforestations in Indonesia. Don't just wonder why the inaction there. Start looking in your own country, your own neighbourhood, your own backyard! Are you doing your part to save some trees and mitigate climate change?

Well, at least, one man in Simpang Bedok is! Gabriel wants to help his fellow residents and tenants save the mango tree pictured below. See his clear and concise appeals (below the photo) and response from Far East Organisation.


Dear Sir,

I am looking to save a beautiful fruit bearing mango tree which is facing the threat of being cut down to serve the interests of the Management Committee here in Bedok Market Place in Simpang Bedok. I believe this estate belongs to your company and according to an NParks officer I spoke to, only the owner of the land can have a final say in the matter. Thus I am appealing for your assistance to prevent the unnecessary cutting down of a tree which provides much needed shade in a Singapore that is getting hotter by the day.I have attached a copy of the protest letter I wrote to the Management Committee, which will give you a quick understanding of the situation.

You can also refer to this web page for mor info and pictures.

Hoping to hear from you soon.
Gabriel Tan

FAR EAST ORGANISATION replied, saying it no longer manages Bedok Market Place (aka Bedok Shopping Complex) on its own. It will, however, forward Gabriel's concerns to its appointed estate management agency for response.


Thank you for your quick response. I know that the estate is runned by Kenwood Property which was appointed by your Corporation. However the chairman appointed by Kenwood practises a steam roller management style. This has created significant unhappiness on the part of owners and tenants here. My main and urgent mission is to save a mature tree from a totally unnecessary destruction.

The Management has already cut down one mature tree. This has even created unhappiness for the owner of a private house next to it. This tree was providing shade for the house owner for at least 15 years. The management claim that that tree was breaking up the tarmac of the car lot next to it. I have seen this to be true but the management could have save a car lot for the tree's roots to grow into. It would have taken at least another 20 years fot it to outgrow that. By then the lease on the land here would be near its end and it would be another chapter in that tree's life. Unfortunately for that tree, the management here wrote the last chapter for it. I understand that the management has the right to do what it wants on its own land. However it should for the sake of neighbourliness, a green environment and the fight against global warming do what is right.

It may be too late for one tree, but I will do whatever I can to prevent another tree from being cut down. All I am asking at this point is for a stay order on the cutting down of the tree until the next AGM which is within the next two months. I am hoping by then that there will be enough agitated tenants and owners to make a difference to the final outcome of that meeting. I believe that your Corporation being the employer of Kenwood Property would be able to make this happen. I am aware that one tree may seem insignificant.but I am hoping that Far East despite being a giant of a corporation can also be personal enough to make a difference to the many little people here who cares about their environment.

Hoping for some good news from you.
Gabriel Tan


The National Parks Board (Nparks) has informed us that their role is purely advisory where trees of private properties are concerned. In the case of Bedok Shopping Complex, Nparks can only advise Kenwood Property and Far East Organisation on the right thing to do but powerless if it choses to exercise its right to do whatever it wants within its own property.

As you can see from Gabriel's letters (above), he is trying very hard to convince Kenwood Property and Far East Organisation to see what is right - for the tree - for the environment - and for the people - residents, tenants and patrons. You and I can also help!!

What You can Do:

1) Write a simple appeal to Kenwood Property and Far East Organisation, and

2) Tell your family and friends about the issue at Bedok Shopping Complex.

Please find the email addresses and phone number below!

1) Shopping Complex Owner - Far East Organisation:

2) Property Management - Kenwood Property Consultants Pte Ltd: Tel 63372516 About Kenwood Property and its affiliation to Keng Soon Group

3) Write to The National Parks Board's Feedback to seek its assistance on this issue at Bedok Shopping Complex.

Don't let another tree end up like this... Please HELP... thank you! : )

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