Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Ardour Day

Happy Ardour Day, Singapore, 1 June 2008

Valentine's Day notwithstanding, I think we ought also to have an Ardour Day or Feeling Day to keep our hearts intact with Life's little love stories embodied in everything as unassuming and discrete as a tree in one's own backyard. Why?

To borrow the feelings of wordsmith Randy Kennedy, I like to put it my own way: 'Our public gardens may have a million trees, but it sometimes takes one to steal your heart'.

I know my friend Gabriel has his own tree of priceless memory in Simpang Bedok, but how about you? Is there a story you would like to share? Maybe an Ardour Day or Feeling Day would make you sit up and think about intrinsic values. Perhaps it would move you to take life out of the fast lanes to smell the frangipannis and love life for once.

Let's walk the alleys of our memories. Allow priceless things like a tree or a spoon to touch us. Let's reward ourselves a piece of heaven here before it's too late. Happy Ardour Day!

Read on my friends: Ardor Day; Let Them Count the Ways - by Joseph Huff-Hannon

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