Thursday, December 27, 2007

Chek Jawa, Christmas 2007

24 & 25 Dec 2007

Dearest Flying Fish Friends,

I have been visiting various shores over the past few days, including Chek Jawa where I met some angels. : )
It was wonderful chatting with them. They were on the boardwalk above, and I was on the sandflat below. I found them polite and very curious. They were asking me many questions. One of them wants to be a botanist like me! : )

I must tell you it has been a very special Christmas eve for me at Chek Jawa. I came across an abandoned cage floundering by the waterline and found a few fishes trapped inside. They were still alive though badly shaken by the pounding waves. I took out my trusty pliers to cut open the cage-wire and rescued the two butterfly fishes and three filefishes.

Poor fellows! They would have suffered a very slow and meaningless death if I had not chanced upon them in time. What a special Christmas it has been for me, don't you agree? : ) I felt so blessed.

Most of all, I celebrated Life on Christmas. I rejoiced with the myriad forms of living organisms present at Chek Jawa. It was truly an awesome feeling. Chek Jawa - our natural heritage - for you and me. I want to share with you what I saw on Christmas.

My Chek Jawa photos can be found here:

This is my new attempt at Flicker dot com's information sharing. You are invited to download any photos to teach your friends about life in Chek Jawa.

My last photographic shot of Chek Jawa on Christmas Day is shown below. It was dusk and night was falling fast. I stood for a while absorbing the scene 800m out on the seabed east of the boardwalk. Seastars... so many around me. I found myself dreaming a starry dream with them. I don't think I will ever have a 'christmas tree' experience better lit than this special moment in time on the sandflat! : ) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


SFYH said...

Hi Uncle Joe,
we are the kids that you met at chek jawa!

thanks for uploading the pictures!

but, where is the snail that is laying eggs?

Let us introduce ourselves,
from left to right,
Wiseley, Yang Hui, Jing Wei, Xin Wei

we will visit your blog regularly!!

Thanks for loving the environment..


bye bye!!

Joe Lai said...

Hi Wiseley, Yang Hui, Jing Wei, Xin Wei,

it is so nice to found each other. Thanks for looking me up. I thought I lost you 'forever'! : )

The photo of the snail can be found in the url-link in the essay you just read. The link will lead you into my flciker-com account where my chek jawa phtos are stored and shared. You are welcome to download them all.

I have a website too:

Come visit me there too. But ask your parents' permission first, ok?

See you and hope you be good to your papa and mama, and study well!

Joe Lai