Saturday, December 8, 2007

A Day With Garden Angels!

7 Dec 2007: Love is the Greatest, they say.

Heaven is here, so they say too.

There are angels living amongst us too, they say.

But where?... the swans seem to know.

On this beautiful day, I know too.
Look... their smiles...

their playfulness...

their laughter...

Today, I have been touched by angels! Never mind the missing
mist in the Coolhouse... I know I am in heaven today!

Bless you all, little Flying Fishes... my garden angels.
We will meet again one day soon!

Footnote: Thanks to the generosity of some good Christians [ esp. my good friend, Joseph Chun: )] who sponsored the bus and entrance fees to the National Orchid Garden, poor-me was able to volunteer my time for these lovely angels from Covenant Family Service. I must say that it was a wonderful break for me too. It's nothing like seeing the smiles of happy children to drive away the gloom and doom of writing about rogue scientists selling out on nature for a buck... yes, in our own backyard! Ha Ha! : )


Leshon said...

Hello Uncle Joe,how is the work of a Botanist? Is it fun?

Joe Lai said...

Hey, Leshon! What a wonderful surprise! 11 Dec - the date you wrote - is my birthday too!

Being a botanist is fun. I love being a botanist. My favourite subject is botany of course! But I am keenly reading geography, ecology and a strange lot of others like literature and mathematics that would keep me up late at night! Come to think of it, I am a mad botanist : ) Don't tell people that, ok!

Hope your schoolwork has been swell! You are a very bright boy, I can see from your postings. Keep up the good work! I'll do a link of your blog in mine right after this! Yippee!!! : )