Monday, July 7, 2014

Homalium grandiflorum flowering once in about 20 years

Glorious flowering 
decks the heights of heaven
Like a bridal bouquet round and sweet
You fill my heart with gladness!

I hold you 
in my hand
And you hold me 
in Time.

A flowering
for my Being
And a happiness

You are my home
my earth
my forest
my love.

You are my tree
my wisdom
my strength
my own forgiveness.

You are my everything
my reason
for being
A joy untold.

I am blessed
Truly blessed
Ten thousand fold
and more.

Wayside Trees of Malaya: Flowering and Leafing (Page 37, Volume 1)
'There was, for instance, a forest-tree (Homalium grandiflorum) in Singapore Botanic Gardens which changed its leaves roughly once a year but which flowered only at very long intervals of some 20 years, and the Lanjut (Mangifera lagenifera) ia almost as tardy...' - E.J.H. Corner

This is a truly magnificent forest giant standing at least 35m tall (about 2m girth) observed flowering 5 July 2014. I am indeed blessed to be in the presence of her company and her rare flowering! This year also records a masting of the Dipterocarps too!