Thursday, December 10, 2009

Aralidium pinnatifidum is NOT 'nationally extinct'

Aralidium pinnatifidum is NOT 'Nationally Extinct'. It should not be.

I am surprised the newly revised Red Data Book (2nd edition, 2008) still listing it as such.

Quite a few of these rare small trees are to be found barely inches away from the boardwalk at MacRitchie Nature Trail. Historically, they were only reported through collections from Bukit Timah and Jurong. Leaves are lobed as shown below but they can be entire too. The entire-leafed trees are also found at the boardwalk.


Jeffrey said...

I'd suggest writing to the pulishers of the red data Book about this rather than post it on a blog. Not everyone reads blogs :)

Joe Lai said...

You did read it, Jeff, or was informed through my blog. So there you are, haha : ) Thanks to public education! This blog is primarily meant for the real stakeholders... Singaporeans... the general public... for which you are one and so are the publishers. And the grapevines is ever so connected if anyone want to engage or be engaged. Cheerio!