Friday, September 12, 2008

How to pot Sundew and Venus Fly-Trap from culture

(1) Open bottle only when ready to pot plant. (Potting mixture should be peat mixed with perlite)

(2) Wet potting mixture thoroughly with overnight boiled water or preferably rain water.

(3) Lift plant gently out with tweezer and wash off agar by swishing it gently in a small tub of water.

(4) Plant it in the potting mixture and put under indirect sunlight. Do not water plant directly. Instead, put plant pot in shallow tray and ensure tray has sufficient water at all times.

(5) It will take a week or two for plant to slowly acclimatize to external environment. This process can be done using a clear plastic bag and rubber band to cover the top of the pot or seal the top with an airtight cover. Over a period of two weeks, make small holes on plastic cover, increasing the number of holes everyday, or sliding off the cover for 5 minutes on the first day and extending 10 minutes, 15 minutes, half an hour and beyond every subsequent day. After two weeks the plant should be fully acclimatized to the external environment, after which you can expose it to direct sunlight but not for the first month at least.

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todaywithJesus said...

The carnivorous sundew and venus fly-trap terrarium looks so cool. We are also trying to build our own carnivorous plant terrarium and been trying to find out where to get all these plants. Do you conduct workshop to teach kid how to build terrarium or vivarium? We are homeschoolers and would love to attend your workshop on plants. If you have any workshop on terrarium or plants please let us know. Thank you. Elizabeth