Saturday, August 30, 2008

Botanical Workshop: Leaves You Captive

Leaves You Captive is a captivating hands-on learning journey for children to explore the fascinating world of leaves. [Photo below (by Alex Teoh): Drosera burmannii, native sundew of Malaysia]

With the aid of as many as twenty plants, the workshop showcases leaves of various shapes and sizes, colours and textures. Specimens include the leafless Dodder Plant and plants with leaves that float, climb, help pollination, produce nectar, provide homes for insects, etc.

The carnivorous Sundew and Venus Fly-trap - whose leaves lure and trap insects - are the highlights of the workshop. These are used effectively to tell the story of how plants adapt and survive in their own unique environment. Each child will be presented with a sundew for growing and study at home.

Leaves You Captive serves to capture the imagination of the child to the wonderous diversity of leaf forms and functions and understand profoundly how the basic building blocks of life on earth start with the LEAF in its ability to capture energy from the sun and render plants as primary producers - direct or indirect food - for almost all living creatures. Little wonder the Chinese saying of old: See the World in a Leaf.

[Photo above: Drosera nidiformis]

[Photo above: Drosera spathulata, a native sundew of Malaysia]

[Photo above (by Richmond): Dionaea muscipala, Venus Fly-trap caught a fly]


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Very beautiful photos :) crystal

Joe Lai said...

Thank you, Crystal : )