Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Urgent Appeal: Bear Truth

My heart sank so low I wanted to cry but anger kept me from doing so!

I must share this with you. It is a truth you must know: that there are many bears hurting in captivity now. Please, please, share this truth with everyone you know - your family and friends.

This act of cruelty cannot be condoned! It simply cannot be condoned!! It's so inhumane!!!

ACRES is working closely with Animals Asia Foundation to tackle the situation.

Please visit Animals Asia Foundation's blog and read about the fate of this poor bear cub (above). It is so important to support the rescue work of this foundation. See a video of a rescue operation.

PLEASE HELP! This is an urgent appeal!

I urge you to subscribe to ACRES's e-newsletter to get updates on their work too.

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