Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chek Jawa: May Day Outreach Unveils 2008 Logo

We are proud to present our 2008 logo for the first May Day Outreach at Chek Jawa by homeschool kids. Yeh!

Its creator is none other than professional artist-cum-nature-guide Andrew Tay! Every participant will get to wear a button badge printed with this logo. [Please note: The above is a raw template from which the circular logo will be cut.] The button badges will be manufactured by Grace Tan.

Come this May Day, 32 homeschool kids (and their families) will be:

1) painting a Mural at House No. 1 of Chek Jawa
The mural will be depicting our fabulous sea creatures.
2) reaching out to visitors as Dugong Ambassadors
Turned educators, the kids will be sharing facts about dugongs.
3) removing rubbish from the shores
Kids learn about waste and pollution through beach cleanup.

May Day Outreach has been made possible by the following collaborators.

1) Sponsor Intel Singapore
Not only is Intel financing the whole event, up to 40 Intel staff (and their families) will be joining and helping the kids with their various activities on May Day. Special thanks must go to Peggy Khoo for inspiring her esteemed colleagues toward a common effort for the environment.
2) Master Artist Tham Pui San and fellow artists - Deborah Tay, Evelyn Mah, Joyce Lim, Evonne Tay, Hermie Van Laar, Adelene Yuen and Amy Sammy
They will be teaching the kids how to paint mural and will be guiding the kids on the actual painting of the wall.
3) Naturalists & Volunteers Ria Tan of WildSingapore, Angie Ng, Andrew Tay, Dr. Chua Ee Kiam, November Tan, Andy Dinesh, Ivan Kwan, Marcus Ng, the Naked Hermit Crabs and Siti Maryam and the Team Seagrass will be helping as co-facilitators on May Day.
4) Marina Country Club & MCC Resort for the gracious loan of their three beautiful fibreglass dugong-models to be exhibited at the lawn of House no. 1 (Chek Jawa) on May Day.
5) Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve for providing its facility for our art-training 26 April.
6) Last but not least, our May Day Outreach would not have been possible without the endorsement and help from the Pulau Ubin Management team (Nparks) headed by Mr Robert Teo.

Words of Appreciation:

Truly, I find no words adequate in expressing my deepest appreciation to all you wonderful people listed above for volunteering your time and energy and money to make May Day Outreach a reality.

I would also like to thank all the parents of the homeschool kids for believing in the cause to which we all strive for - that in the International Year of the Reefs 2008, we stand shoulder to shoulder with our kids in speaking up for Nature (sealife) through art and action. As Intel Singapore puts it sweetly- May Day Outreach will be a Labour of Love for the Earth!

Powerful and Extraordinary Words from the Heart of Intel Singapore:

Intel has indeed a grand goal: One Million volunteer hours worldwide! And Intel Singapore is showing the way for corporate responsibility to the local community and the environment. Recent words of empowerment for her staff about the mural painting show just how well she understood her role in community and environment work. This is what she said:

"What is a mural? A mural is a painting done directly on the wall. It comes from the Latin word murus, which means wall. Murals often show the concerns, hopes, values and memories of the community where the murals are painted. Murals are not like other paintings. They have a different purpose, a different kind of effect on the lives of those who see them. They are public art in the best sense, because they are actually created in public, with the community looking on. Good public art says something about the community. It says: this is who we are - this is what we think - this is where we came from - this is what we want. And it says these things in a way that everybody can understand and enjoy." [Source: Taken from a presentation by Peggy Khoo. The event is co-organised by CPLG, Finance and IT, represented by Kristin Lim, Cai Ding Zheng & Satish Kumar.]

Well said, Intel Singapore! Truly well said!! : )


Haloaaaargh9 said...

Beautiful logo!

Haloaaaargh9 said...
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Vyna said...

would have loved to be a part of this when i got andy's email, if not for prior commitments. i'm sure it will a great success!

Joe Lai said...

Thanks Swirlie,

the many well wishes and positive responses I have received thus far is already a success to me. The rest is for everyone to build sweet memories of this special day with the children - rain or no rain. We shall find a natural order in chaos and how beautiful it will be - like a spontaneous rainbow! : )