Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Photos: Massive Reclamation off Labrador

Dear friends,

I was exploring Siloso last Friday morning (1 Feb 2008) when I spied a few large barges in the distance off Labrador. The huge granite rocks they were carrying glared white-hot against the greying sea. Several tugboats were in attendance and keeping the barges in position. In fact, the whole sea lane off Pasir Panjang Wharf and Labrador was abuzz with boat activities. Small harbour (personnel) crafts were criss-crossing about between the stationary vessels and the bouy and mooring system. I also caught sight of a long floatline flagging an 'all red' notice of retricted waters around what seemed like a dredger-cum-piling platform. It was like a gigantic floating factory of sort.

The scene before my eyes took on an ominous sign as the backdrop of the western sky darkened with approaching rain. It must be the staging of a huge reclamation operation readying itself to bury the sea below, I told myself. As I watched from atop the sheer Siloso cliff, I issued a silent prayer hoping no marine animals, no dugongs or otters, would be within the zone when they start dumping the rocks. It was then that the sky parted and started to drizzle as if in reply. I gave the scene a last look, and stowing away my trusty camera, I headed back to mainland.

Below are some of my photos for the history books. Ria Tan has posted details on the impending reclamation around Singapore at her Wildfilms Blog:

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