Thursday, February 7, 2008

Didactic Short Films of Lasting Values

Dear friends,

lately I have become a fan of Petronas's 'Meaningful Ads' series (Iklan Raya Petronas, Malaysia). My son and I enjoy watching them together. They are not commercial advertisements but didactic short films that teach values such as compassion, filial piety, courage etc. I highly recommend them for children.

Delightfully, many of the main actors are children themselves. The stories revolve around the family and the community against the rich tapestry of our shared asian heritage.

Difficult themes like racial harmony, childhood, identity crisis, aging, are so well explored by some. By contrast, our Singapore TV channels look terribly poor and 'vulgar'. And the few short films by our local schools that came through are overtly 'patriotic', I find. Yaks!

I have linked a few below for your sampling. Just click on them to view. Happy Viewing with your children!

Filial Piety: We will be old too one day

Identity: Be proud of who you are

Racial Harmony: We can live as one

Love: Life lesson from Granny

Filial Piety: The reality of loneliness

A Sea of Compassion: Raising the universal soul

Home Capsule: Are we in a hurry to leave it?

Filial Piety: True reward for our aged parents

Filial Piety: A father's love revisited

Joy of having children: Beef... not the whole cow!

Love is Forever: Our shared journey

Filial Piety: Love is priceless

Common Humanity: Children, angels, our light of hope!

Family Bondage: True Legacy and Endearment

Charity: A lesson on humility

Deepavali: The Light of Goodness

Virtue of Hard Work: Reap what you sow

Filial Piety: A Mother's Love is Forever

Children: Our one true United Nation!

Courage: Don't let setbacks stop you moving forward

Family: Lessons from an orphan

Hope: For our angels... our sleeping beauties

Please share these beautiful short films with your loved ones.

Joe Lai : )

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