Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bat Memories

Remember our night hike at Fort Canning on Friday, the 9th of November?

I hope you and your kids are still enjoying folding paper bats! I still do! Here's a few of mine!

Besides looking for bats, we have had a great time playing the blindfold-game of 'bat and moth'. The dark and 'spooky' courtyard up on the hill certainly added suspense to our game!

Here's a photo of a boy who loves bats! I met him in Botanic Garden one day. He thinks bats are our friends too!

Do you still remember what a bat is? Don't worry if you have forgotten. You can still ask Uncle Joe about bats on our trip to the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research this coming Wednesday, 28 November (meeting 2pm, Canteen 4 - see map).
We are going to see and learn lots of different animals. That's what 'Biodiversity' actually is: many and different life forms! 'Bio' is a word which indicates life. In the sense of 'diversity' (which means many and different), 'bio' comes to mean 'life forms'. It's that easy! : )
See you soon. We shall play another game, ok? : )

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Scout Law - Values for our kids to live by

Saturday 10 November 2007: Our budding open scout group, The Vikings, came together in Seletar Camp to learn the scouts' way of life.

They did admirably well pulling the whole team together to do everything...
collecting firewood...

building campfires and cooking...

rigging tents to spend a night under the stars...

There were difficulties, of course, but they learned to overcome them together. All the time remembering the golden Scout Law which our Scout leader Eric helped to reinforce.

Here's the Scout Law - values for all homeschool kids to live by...

A Scout is to be trusted.
A Scout is loyal.
A Scout makes friends, establishes and maintains harmonious relations.
A Scout is disciplined and considerate.
A Scout has courage in all difficulties.

[Thanks Eric, Spencer, Hui Fang, Mummy Julia! We are blessed by you! : )]

Friday, November 9, 2007

Homeschoolers at Home with Rainbow Warriors!

Friday 9 November 2007: Capturing some unforgetable moments that the homeschoolers had with the kindly crew of Rainbow Warrior who took precious time off to show us around their beloved sailing ship and share with us their passion to save the environment.

All smiles onboard!

Little Flying Fish Friends climbing high on a spirited flight up the companionway!

Navigator Patrick charts a new course with Little Geographers!
[Thanks Patrick! : )]

All hands on deck! Little Sailors, unfurl the sails! Our friend, the Wind, is here!
[Thanks Lesley! : )]

Little 'Eyes of Fire' see the urgent need to save the earth!
Rainbow Warrior got its name from a Cree Indian legend!
[Thanks Emma! : )]

We saw the bell that refuses to be silenced! Greenpeace salvaged the bell from the orignal first Rainbow Warrior which was bombed in 1985 by agents of the French government.

We came and we saw the Rainbow that cannot be sunk!
And we left carrying the spirit of the rainbow in our Little Hearts!

We can Save Our Forests and Our Climate!
[Thanks Sue & company!]

Warning: Hot red spots burning around our tiny Red Dot Singapore!
Be Little Red Chilli Padi for the environment!
We are small but can be very spicy! We CAN save the forests from being destroyed!
At this moment, Forest Defenders are working hard to stop more forest destruction in Sumatra!

Be earth-loving Flying Fish Friends - to live, to love, to learn - forever!
With love and hugs,
Uncle Joe : )