Sunday, November 25, 2007

Bat Memories

Remember our night hike at Fort Canning on Friday, the 9th of November?

I hope you and your kids are still enjoying folding paper bats! I still do! Here's a few of mine!

Besides looking for bats, we have had a great time playing the blindfold-game of 'bat and moth'. The dark and 'spooky' courtyard up on the hill certainly added suspense to our game!

Here's a photo of a boy who loves bats! I met him in Botanic Garden one day. He thinks bats are our friends too!

Do you still remember what a bat is? Don't worry if you have forgotten. You can still ask Uncle Joe about bats on our trip to the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research this coming Wednesday, 28 November (meeting 2pm, Canteen 4 - see map).
We are going to see and learn lots of different animals. That's what 'Biodiversity' actually is: many and different life forms! 'Bio' is a word which indicates life. In the sense of 'diversity' (which means many and different), 'bio' comes to mean 'life forms'. It's that easy! : )
See you soon. We shall play another game, ok? : )


Chia Shang Ming said...

How is the Bat Trip? My club members is trying to organise one too. Any links? Perhaps you can help to link me up?

Joe Lai said...

Hi Shang Ming, a useful link can be found in the Night Hike post. Bat Conservation is a great website for learning the natural history of bats.

joe : )

Chia Shang Ming said...

Thank you so much. I am sure that is very helpful.