Friday, November 9, 2007

Homeschoolers at Home with Rainbow Warriors!

Friday 9 November 2007: Capturing some unforgetable moments that the homeschoolers had with the kindly crew of Rainbow Warrior who took precious time off to show us around their beloved sailing ship and share with us their passion to save the environment.

All smiles onboard!

Little Flying Fish Friends climbing high on a spirited flight up the companionway!

Navigator Patrick charts a new course with Little Geographers!
[Thanks Patrick! : )]

All hands on deck! Little Sailors, unfurl the sails! Our friend, the Wind, is here!
[Thanks Lesley! : )]

Little 'Eyes of Fire' see the urgent need to save the earth!
Rainbow Warrior got its name from a Cree Indian legend!
[Thanks Emma! : )]

We saw the bell that refuses to be silenced! Greenpeace salvaged the bell from the orignal first Rainbow Warrior which was bombed in 1985 by agents of the French government.

We came and we saw the Rainbow that cannot be sunk!
And we left carrying the spirit of the rainbow in our Little Hearts!

We can Save Our Forests and Our Climate!
[Thanks Sue & company!]

Warning: Hot red spots burning around our tiny Red Dot Singapore!
Be Little Red Chilli Padi for the environment!
We are small but can be very spicy! We CAN save the forests from being destroyed!
At this moment, Forest Defenders are working hard to stop more forest destruction in Sumatra!

Be earth-loving Flying Fish Friends - to live, to love, to learn - forever!
With love and hugs,
Uncle Joe : )


Hema Bharadwaj said...

thanks Joe... for organizing this trip! Raghu will remember his first real foray on a ship for a long time!
You are quite an inspiration to us.
Hema, Raghu and Zoya

Monkey said...

Wow! You guys were on a greenpeace ship! WOW! I'm envious haha can I visit too? :) This is so awesome! no wonder you sent me the greenpeace link. What a fantastic outing! :) We should encourage the children themselves to blog about it :)

Chia Shang Ming said...

Dear Joseph,
Great Post! Wow, with pictures, links and labels. Most importantly, THE CONTENT!

I wish to be on the Ship too!!!

Joe Lai said...

Thanks Hema and everyone who came and gave the children the golden opportunity to learn about the environment from rainbow warriors!

Thanks November, Shang Ming for teaching this old dog new blof tricks! : ) But look at my paragraphing... it's yukky!