Friday, August 5, 2016

Appeal to Preserve a Giant Fig Tree at Limau Estate Neighbourhood

An appeal has been made to Minister Lawrence Wong and it is receiving attention from the authorities.

You can help. Please do consider nominating it as a Heritage Tree at the link here.

Endangered species: Ficus superba
LOCATION: Wooded area of Limau Estate opposite Tanah Merah MRT. designated as Land Parcel B by URA for development

A forest unto itself, this robust and healthy veritable giant stands at 25m tall and is
colossally-rooted with an impressive girth of 12m standing firmly on stable flat ground 7m
away from the edge of a 6m slope facing the MRT as a truly iconic landmark of Bedok / Tanah Merah.

Firstly, it offers little impediment to development as it sits right at the boundary of the parcel’s
extreme northern corner. Secondly, it is an endangered species in Singapore. Last but not
least, its magnificence is deserving of a heritage status that not only add tangible values to
the development but also retains the asset as a green lung to our community of Limau
Estate Neighbourhood and Bedok at large.

Impressive girth of 12m
Healthy robust tree on flat stable ground
A giant iconic landmark of Bedok
Its canopy is a forest onto itself
Approximately 25m tall
A photo montage for the good Minister Lawrence Wong


Beng Tang said...

Should be nominated for Nparks heritage tree status,

leafsy said...

The link is not working now. I'll try again later. If there's another link that's working please let us know! Thank you!

Joe Lai said...

Hi Least, it should work. Try again.
Thank you.

leafsy said...

Yes the link works now! Thanks so much for providing the info and the link. I have submitted my nomination and can post an update when I hear back.

leafsy said...

This is the response I got from Nparks:

We will be following up and compiling more information on your nominated tree before submitting it to the Heritage Tree Panel for their consideration. The Panel comprising tree experts convenes typically in the 4th quarter of the year and we will keep you informed on the status of the nomination after the Panel meeting.

Dolphin Heng said...

Hi, i didn't use the link but typed in nparks address. But to my disappointment,it says my nomination has been submitted but nominations for 2016 is now closed and it will be considered for 2017!!. Will it be too late for this tree??

Joe Lai said...

Hi Dolphin, please email me the reply. I will query NParks. I feel they shouldn't do that. My email is
Thank you for voting.

leafsy said...

Hi, Nparks responded to me on Oct 23. Sorry I did not post their reply here earlier, I was dealing with an emergency at that time. Below is their reponse

NPARKS Urban Gardening (NPARKS)
Oct 23

to me
Dear Ms Ng,

Thank you for your nomination of the Ficus superba at Bedok Rise to be listed as a Heritage Tree.

It is not possible to safely conserve the tree due to the upcoming change in land use. If the tree were preserved in situ or transplanted, its health would be damaged in the process because of its size and multi-stems. After considering all the options and much deliberation, the nomination for this tree has not been endorsed.

Nevertheless, in order to preserve the legacy of the tree, we have specially taken stem cuttings from it for propagation in our nursery. This will allow the tree to live on. We are also pleased to inform you that another large and handsome Ficus superba growing nearby has been endorsed as a Heritage Tree. This tree is a fully mature specimen that possesses a beautiful form. The tree can be found growing robustly along the footpath connecting New Upper Changi Road and Bedok Rise.

Once again, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your support of the Heritage Tree Scheme.

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the Heritage Tree Secretariat,
Yi Xin, Thung
Manager, National Parks Board