Monday, April 18, 2016

Helicia petiolatus: A Rare Gem in MacRitchie Forest

A Day with Helicia petiolatus

Darkness robs the canopy of its depth
And the sharp edge gleans a silhouette
With telling tails of tales
That shines a light on suggested eons
Marching past the continental drift
Moved me to this spot
A point of Biogeography
A wink through window chink
so fast changed O Protea

Understorey view

Tantalizing tail of tales

Anthesis defined

A young inflorescence at last! Proteaceae!

Leaves turning a yellow clue.

Long leaf stalks - petioles - with swollen ends.

Smooth lenticellated bark.

Leaves dead but telling... turning silvery brown above but dark brown below.

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