Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Spectacular Display of Fruits at MacRitchie Rain Forest

Come every June, there is a rhapsody in the air singing regeneration! May they grow and prosper!

Baccaurea griffithii - a rare sight!

Baccaurea racemosa - cauliflorous display of fruits

Baccaurea racemosa - blue jacketed seeds

Dacryotes laxa

Dacryotes laxa - ramiflorous display of hanging fruits

Garcinia nervosa - ramiflorous display of fruits

Garcinia forbesii

Horsfieldia superba - ramiflorous display of fruits

Horsfieldia superba

Dysoxylum cauliflorum - cauliflorous display of fruits

Xylopia malayana - fruit flips inside-out by self-action to expose seeds
Xylopia malayana - obscure green fruits ready to flip!

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