Saturday, February 4, 2012

Calophyllum pulcherrimum: Additions to the Flora of Keppel Island

She is indeed a double beauty - beautiful, most beautiful. Calophyllum pulcherrimum derives her name from Greek Kalos - beautiful, and Latin pulcherrimum - most beautiful.

Last week, she set off a most spectacular firework of creamy white flowers shooting in all directions from her lofty perch atop the small hillock at Keppel Island. I could not have asked for a better start to my second flora survey of the island.

There was only one leaf at the foothill but I found it. A fine-veined somewhat glossy leaf a-glimmering in the light. It was as if cast down like a delicate silk handkerchief to snare my attention and say, "Hey Joe, I am here above. Look. Don't miss me out in your census ok".

I present you thus a list of additions (including Miss Beautiful-Most Beautiful) to the Flora of Keppel Island below.

Additions to the Flora of Keppel Island
Arthrophyllum diversifolium
Asystasia nemorum
Calophyllum pulcherrimum
Caryota mitis
Cissus hastata
Clidemia hirta
Cocos nucifera
Crinum asiatica
Dendrophthoe pentandra
Dicranopteris linearis
Dillenia suffructicosa
Elaeis guineensis
Fibraurea tinctoria
Ficus microcarpa
Lygodium circinnatum
Lygodium microphyllum
Mikania micrantha
Nephrolepis biserrata
Pandanus odoratissimus
Passiflora laurifolia
Ptychosperma macarthurii
Spathodea campanulata
Syzygium campanulatum
Taenitis blechnoides
Triphasia trifolia
Vitex pinnata


Ria Tan said...

What a beautiful find indeed Joe! Thanks for sharing! I always learn so much from you.

Joe Lai said...

Thanks Ria, for your kind words : ) Cheers!

Herryponting said...

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