Sunday, April 24, 2011

Red-Nosed Cicada and Glochidion brunneum

I never knew Glochidion brunneum as a host tree for the Red-Nosed Cicada. Today I found that out most serendipitously. A pair of mating Red-nosed Cicada (Huechys sanguinea) fell off the lower branch I was examining. I promptly scooped them up from the ground with a fallen leaf, and before restoring them onto a leafy twig, I took liberty of documenting their mating.

Close-up of copulatory organs.

The pair continued their mating up on the tree.

There were many others on the tree. Some were clearly seen sucking sap from the tree, especially the younger branches.

April must be their season for emergence into adulthood. I saw one halfway getting out of its nymphal coat. No sooner do they emerge, they sing, eat, and mate - all under the canopy of a lovely providential tree named Glochidion brunneum. : )

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