Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New book: Trees of Tropical Asia

Have you seen flowers that astound you with their quiet beauty and wished they speak to you and you knew them and call them by name?

Or pick a fallen fruit and marvel its shape and texture, and wondered which mother tree, amongst the bewildering many towering overhead, is shedding it for new grow, new hope?

If only we could, we lament. (See footnote for identity of the flowers and fruit pictured above)

For those who are inspired by our magnificent forest and want to find out more, you will find a great resource in James V. LaFrankie, JR. He has just published a fantastic illustrated guide book to diversity, Trees of Tropical Asia. For more information, check out the book here: http://www.blacktreepublications.com/

First photo: flowers of Gomphandra quadrifida
Second photo: fruit of Vatica pauciflora

Note of Appreciation: Jim, thanks so much for allowing me the pleasure of contributing, in a small way, photos to your guide book. I believe it will become the most popular addition - 'bible' - to the introduction of tropical forest plants accompanying the classic Corner's Wayside Trees of Malaya. Cheers : )

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