Monday, December 15, 2008

Trilobite Larvae: The Peter Pan of the Insect World

On a recent outing up Buikit Timah Hill with some wonderfully-kind folks from sponsor SPRING SINGAPORE and beautiful kids from BEYOND, I had the rare opportunity to explain the natural history of the Trilobite Larvae and how special it is. We found one (about 8cm long) crawling on a rotting log. Interestingly, this one remained completely still (as if pretending to be dead or lifeless) when we moved closer to look.

A fascinating account of the Trilobite Larvae can be found in the blog Bianca Sunshine.

Along the way, the Creepy Crawlies - a centipede, a millipede, a leafhopper, stingless bees, giant forest ants, a palm nettle caterpillar, a longhorn beetle, butterflies, a bush cricket, plenty of pond-skaters, a jumping spider, a super long-legged cranefly and a forest cockcroach - came out in force to entertain the kids and opened up for them a little window into the incredible world of the Rainforest! : )

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