Friday, October 19, 2007

Children Can Change the World!

Encourage your child to write! They can change the world for the better!
Anne Frank once wrote, 'I want to go on living after my death. And therefore I am grateful to God for giving me this gift... of expressing all that is in me.'
If we are to live this life to the fullest, let's do it by living, loving and learning with all our heart!
It's scary how we were told (to this effect) recently - 'Forget about living forever. Aim for a good life and hope for a happy death.' It would be tragic if we ever subscribe to such a notion.
Teach our children to express all that is in them - living, loving and learning with all their might. As sentient beings, we can definitely live 'forever' with the fullest and purest of joy everlasting!
Flying Fish Friends, we are free!
joe lai : )

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Monkey said...

wow joe I like how you've decorated your blog! Very nice. Even have links to other blogs and your website :) Good job!

I am looking forward to more posts already!